My 1 yr old just doesn't just doesn't drink from bottle with straw, she still uses can i train her to use straw bottles?

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The typical age for babies to develop the oral motor skills necessary to enable them to use a straw is between nine to 15 months. Here are some tips you can try (taken from: 1. Try starting with a juice box: This is to help your child understand the concept of withdrawing liquid from a straw. Encourage your child to put his/her lips around the straw while you squeeze to get the juice up. This will help your child associate “straw” with “drinking” 2. Try the “dip and tip” method: Dip a straw into your child’s beverage of choice, put your finger tip on the end of the straw and lift out of the cup. With your finger still on the end, put the end of the straw into your child’s mouth (onto the tongue tip), and tell him/her to “take a sip”. Then release the straw so all the liquid flows into your child’s mouth. 3. Gently pinch his/her lips together or use modeling to teach your child how to use a straw: when teaching through modeling, make crazy sucking sounds and facial expressions. Your child will imitate you which will help them learn how to use the straw for getting liquid into his/her mouth. 4. Cut the regular straw into half: this way, it requires less strength to draw the liquid up It may take time and numerous attempts before your child understand how to use a straw. Let him/her have a go at the straw everyday to let your child practice. If your child gets frustrated or upset at his/her failed attempts, pause for a few days before trying again.

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I saw a mom sharing an awesome method to train her baby to drink from straw at 7 months old! 1) Cut a typical clear straw into half so that you can see the liquid in it. 2) Hold some water/milk in a straw and let it flow passively into your baby's mouth. This allow your baby to learn that that liquid come out from a straw 3) Hold some water/milk in a straw horizontally so that your baby can suck it out but it's easier than when the straw is vertical. 4) Repeat until your baby learns that sucking the straw gets the water/milk out. I'm planning to train my boy who is now 6 months old by using this method too.

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For both of my kids, I just show them how I drink from straw bottle and repeat it several times. Eventually, they will mimic on what we do. Both of my kids managed to drink from straw from 6-7months onwards. I agreed with mummy Nooraini that Pigeon MagMag straw cup is very good. It is very easy to suck as compared to other brand e.g. fisherprice.

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Riding on Hui Qun's comments, I find that babies find it easier to drink from a shorter straw. A friend recommended me Pigeon's magmag cup, and my boy is now a pro at it! (He's almost 7 months old)

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