Drinking using straws

My LO is 1 year and 5 months old. She's entering playgroup soon and still unable to drink using straw. I have tried multiple brands of bottles that have straw input. She can hold and drink her milk bottle on her own but still unable to drink by straw. How do i get her to drink with straw? #advicepls #firsttimedaddy

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I watched a YouTube. Cut a bend silicone straw. While emerged in water, use a clean hand to hold the straw. Put the straw into LO mouth and release the pressure to let the water out. After that let LO suck to let water out. Eventually my LO got it. She’s drinking well from straw. Not so much from cup alone 😅 Should be able to find the YT video or I can share when I find it.

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Strangely enough I accidentally encouraged my LO to suck using a syringe when I fed him medicine! I tried using water, he sucked the end as I slowly push the water out. I think similar mechanism to the richell training cup

Try richell training cup. it comes with a "button" to push the water up th straw. After less than 5 times of doing so, my son learnt how to drink from any type of straws afterwards. It's amazing.

Keep trying! I started off with richell, then hegen. But because she cant open it herself, we got another one frm kiddy palace. Slowly over time she is ok.

Saw on YouTube, can try putting some jam or something else on the straw to promote licking and sucking.

My kids first learnt how to use straw by me introducing yoghurt pouch.. instantly picked up the skill