Colic wind

My baby is 22days old today. He is having colic wind and cries non stop at times until his voice is kinda hoarse. This has been going on for one week. It’s upsetting to see such a scene for me while going thru my confinement period. Brought him to the P.D. and was given rid wind medication that doesn’t seems to help. What can I do to stop his pain and cries? How can I help him? Really so burnout and tired. :(

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Super Mum

Try Yu Yee oil.. put a little on the lower tummy. Also keep burping him.. between breastfeeding each side, or if you’re using bottle, after every about 30ml. My LO seems to be able to pass wind/poop better in certain positions, especially when her hips are bent. So sometimes I carry her around the house for a while in the “sitting position” (supporting the head), or she’s propped up on my legs facing me, and her legs are against my tummy. I’ve been in your shoes. I cried because I felt so helpless and she sounded like she was suffering so much. Hang in there.. keep trying all sorts of ways to help baby let out the gas. Also avoid eating things that make you gassy/baby fussy. Hope this helps:)

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3y ago

I put just one small dot of it on the lower tummy and gently rubbed it across the lower tummy. Was okay for my LO