4 months old infant crying

Hi all, my infant is crying very badly lately. Is it a normal thing? He usually don’t cry this much. I’ve brought him to the A&E ytd but nothing much was found and doctor’s advise was to monitor and bring him back if he has fever. But today the infant care has called me to bring him back earlier due to his crying. Anyone able to advise me what else can be the problem to his crying? I’ve also tried giving him anti wind medication prescribe by the doctor as she mention that maybe it’s colic.

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my son also like that.... i brought him to kkh a&e n the doc say all normal could be baby colick... they gave me rid wind medicine. Than my aunt say could be stomache wind n true enough after she massage him he let out abit of fart...he slept well that night. So i continue massaging him every morning n also apply oil to his tummy every morning. Try massaging

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Can it be because he is teething?

2y ago

My LO started teething since 4mo, her teeth only came out at 5m. Usually when it’s about to come out they will get very grouchy, but all is well once the teeth comes out. I used oral wipes to rub her gums while cleaning her mouth, she loves it cause it’s like ‘scratching’ for her 😅