Got any remedies for colic beside medication? My son still cries non stop even aft giving him milk. He dun seem comfortable at all times. Sleep became short too and get hungry easily.what can I do?

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What kind of Med is he taking for colic? Usually PD will prescribe ridwind drops which is not a Med. He could be crying nonstop Coz of tummy upset or bloatedness so make sure you apply Ruyi oil, Try to give probiotics drops or ridwind and do massage. Google for colic massage or massage to rid wind and you can find many videos on it. Could it be baby is sleepy and overstimulated that's why he is crying. Maybe have to fix his sleeping schedule, make it consistent and put him to bed or nap before he gets over tired?

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Colic is usually a term when pd can't find a reason to the crying ... n with crying a lot of air is inhaled. By giving "removing" air via ridwind, massage etc I feel is only reducing the symptoms but not resolving the problem. U need to find out the cause of crying to really solve the problem

Maybe he is allergic to cow milk protein if u r giving him formula. If u r breastfeeding, try cutting out dairy products from your diet and monitor whether there's any improvement. If not have to eliminate soy too.

Have you tried the colic massage? Its easy to do, 3 steps is all it takes. Worked wonders for me. You should try it as well. The link below for you to watch.

I use minyak telon and do the colic massage. I even apply the oil on her calves and back. I let her sleep on tummy (supervise)

How old is lo and what milk is he drinking?