Hi, my baby is 15 month old Wanna know how to transfer his food From semisolid to solid Still he is having mashed food or puree. Is it right age Plus he has only front teeth (4 up + 4 down)

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Hi, I think, you will know when the kid will be able to chew his food. I think, you do not have to completely mash his food, like, if you are feeding him chapati and vegetable or dal, then take a very small morsel of chapati and wet it nicely in the dal or vegetable or curd and then feed him. He should be able to chew it whatever little he has to do now. And for rice, if you have cooked it nicely, you have to mix it in the dal and have to feed him small spoons. Now, all you have to keep care about is to see that you if the food is cooked well, you have to feed him tiny morsels.

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since you are already giving him the mashed foods, start giving the same things but without mashing them up. for instance, steam the vegetables and give as it is. boil the rice and give the way it is, instead further mashing it up. dip soft roti in dal and give. your baby will gradually get used to it and learn to chew as well.

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at 15 months you can easily start giving soft rice without mashing it up. also, you can start giving very soft roti and paratha by first making it wet in dal and feeding it. initially start your baby this way on solids and once your baby is comfortable, give it the regular way.

As long as he has been eating with no other issues. Yeah thats perfect, stop the puree and give soft food. He should have no issues chewing.

plz dont give mashed food. bcoz once u ll shift to solid they ll not be able to digest also they will refuse to eat