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Anyone here still giving puree to your baby at month 10th? Have tried to feed meat but he cant take it. So until now only vege puree porridge. No egg too. Can i give after 1 year old?#1stimemom

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my baby almost 10 month, I hardly give him meat also.. I give him fish most times and vege.. fruits also. take it slow.. meat isn't the most impt, as long as they are healthy and growing well..

4y ago

ya i havent try out fish yet. this week gonna buy some fish then.😁


yes you can you can try giving fish just blend it till very fine. you might want to check out my IG @mummyjlife to give you some ideas 😊

4y ago

yes i think i should try out some fish first. thanks!

Don't worry! Whatever your baby wants to eat. It's ok if he rejected meat or egg. Take things slow. As long as he is feeding well.

I blend fish n meat to make it smoother for bb to swallow. if wan to feed egg, try to feed yolk first to look out for allergy

4y ago

ya i guess i make too much. thanks for ur advise.

Yes sure . Take it slow . Should not be a problem ! My baby rejects all meat too when he was 10 months old .

4y ago

hmm. guess im not the only one.😄 alright will slowly let thim accept by his own path.

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Yup don’t worry too much! At your own pace