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On average how many diapers do you use in a day and how much newborn diapers should i buy?

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Super Mum

For newborns, it’s about 9-12 a day? How many packs of newborn diapers you need actually depends on the size of your baby, how fast your baby grows, and the brand/type of your diaper, because some brands have smaller cuttings, and some brands have bigger cuttings. In general, if your child is born below 3.5kg, I think it’s safe to buy 1 carton of NB diapers first, then decide later on whether to buy more NB diapers or buy S sized ones. Some kids move on to S very quickly. My kids both stayed on NB size for many months 😂 I saved a lot of money, I guess, so I can’t complain

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