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At what age do babies outgrow Newborn size diapers? I want to buy Newborn in bulk but not sure how much to buy. #1stimemom

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I used Pampers Newborn from birth until about 3 months. The tapes are stretchable and I bought in bulk for my firstborn. I was only left with 1 packet which I sold it off on Carousell. Whatever I buy in bulk and didn’t manage to use it, I’ll just sell it off on Carousell. I also buy diapers from Carousell cause some are selling them much much cheaper than outside. Newborns use a lot of diapers like up to 10 diaper changes per day so be sure you have enough. I would suggest you don’t buy Just Born cause they grow really fast as well. But it depends on your baby. My baby came out 3.7kg at 40 weeks. On her 36th week she was 3.1kg.

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My baby was born smaller like 2.6kg so He couldn’t really fit in newborn sizes but even smaller like Just Born size. Now I’m pregnant again I think I still won’t buy in bulk because despite his lower birth weight, he gain weight very fast. So I only buy on demand. Now his growth pace has been more predictable so I only started buying like 3 packets each time from 5months old.

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I bought 5 packs and I’m onto third pack now. Baby is now 3 weeks old. I wld say roughly outgrow by end of 2 months? Depends on their weight also. Newborn can fit up to 5kg.

Depends on baby. My baby is 2.6KG when she was born. We used around 8-9 packets of newborn (2months old when she switched to S)