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How many diapers should I prep for newborn? 😂 I have no clue.

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Not too many as NB outgrown really fast! Buy 2-3 packs first, bring home the ones from the hospital and if not enough then just buy 1 more pack. NB uses a lot of diapers like 6-8 diaper change in a day

day 4 and just finish a pack of 20 pieces. fyi my gal is 3kg at birth. don't get too many NB, in case baby arrive bigger than expected

I would prepare 2-4 packs first. reason being baby might grow very fast! and then you may need to upgrade the size before you know it.

im just trying out all the free diaper sample first, after that than see if gonna buy nb size or straight to S

Buy nb about 4packs.. 2pack for size S.. total of 6.. buy 1ctn consist of 6.. cheaper

newborn buy just 1 first than s size buy 3 pkt

My NB use about 3.5 packets of diapers


prepare 2 to 3 packs first

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about 3 packs first