At what age can I start taking my kid to sports classes?

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Sports readiness means that a child has the physical, mental, and social skills to meet the demands of the sport. While general guidelines can help you select a sport based on age, it’s important to remember that children develop at different rates. Children are more likely to enjoy and succeed in sports when they have the physical, mental, and social skills required by the sport.

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Swimming is the best first activity that your kid can get into even at the tender age of 2. However, sports that require a lot of physical endurance and labour should be only started when the child is big enough to handle the pressure. The best judge of this would be you as a parent.

I have a friend who enrolled her daugther in golf class at the age of 2. As long as your child interested in certain sports, you can try to check with sports provider/teacher on the minimum age. Personally I feel about 6-7 years old is a good and matured age to start sports class.

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You can sign up for swimming class as soon as possible for baby. For the several meeting, it might be just your kid playing with water. But its better to make him familiar with water and pool environment since beginning. Olympic medal can come later :)

I signed my sons up for swimming at age 1 and football at age 5. You can also try enrolling your child in a baby gym for starters, to see how he takes to it, and build his stamina.

my husband started to teach my daughter to swim at age of 18 months then she keep improving her swimming skill from start.

When they are ready :) feels like 4yo onwards would be a good age, plus they start following instructions!

Swimming classes for infants!

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2 and above should be good

Whenever they are ready:)