Are there some foods that can help my one year old baby fall asleep faster?

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If your baby has started on solids, try bananas a few hours before bedtime. They contain magnesium, which is a natural muscle relaxant that has proven to be effective in promoting sleep. Bananas also contain melatonin and serotonin – two natural compounds that many people use to fall asleep fast. Personally, I know that bananas work because everytime I eat one, I feel super full and sleepy after a while.

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I would suggest high fat or high protein food such as a small piece of avocado, some yogurt, peanut or nut butter, or even a small slice of bread with ham. Wash it down with some milk. These may help your child sleep better through the night and also prevent him/her from waking due to hunger.

Warm milk and honey works wonders and is a known sleep aid. You can use raw organic honey to your baby, but consult your doctor too.


You can try tart cherry juice.