Can anyone suggest me a diaper thats good for night use..something thats dry.. i dont mind the price as long as it can tahan thru the night.i currently using drypers drypants and drypers classic and my son keeps crying at night cz its wet.i tried huggies too and dont like it..he also dont like to get up middle of the night to change his diaper.he is 9months old.Thank u in advance for ur suggestions.

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Huggies platinum pants or diapers. Highly recommended. Very safe and absorb very efficiently. Doesn’t look and feel it is actually full. And most importantly no leaking through the night. 😇

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Mamypoko terbaik. Dah try petpet, drypers, huggies semua xberkualiti sgt mcm mamypoko. Tapi drypers yg baru skinature tu bagus! Tapi lebih pricey dr mamypoko pula

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Drypers wee wee dry good, dont use drypers classic or else, bcoz not same like drypers wee wee dry, comfortable and no leaking through the night

Better u change diapers before dorang tidur. Or before u nak tidur ke. Even dorang dah tidur. U tukar je pampers dorang 😊

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Ouh. U try pakai Huggies Angry Bird pants tu. So far untuk anak i okay. Anak i pakai since 9m until now almost 1y4m.

Merries.12 hours no leaking n dry although my baby pees a lot.the best diapers ever.love it so much.

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I use genki... So far okay... Dry... My daughter like it... The price also affordable

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Ada jual pampers yg mmg khas utk night use...ank sy dlu pakai drypers night punya

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Try Drypers Wee Wee Dry. Thats so good for me. U just change once per night

Klau xkisah harga, marries dan applecrumby...

Mamy poko. Memang bagus. Sesuai sgt utk kulit bayi 👣