Anyone put their baby in infant care from 2 to 3 months old?

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Yes, there are many parents who needs to do that and who chooses to do that. Sometimes i feel it is better for them to be in the infant care. Especially for those without help. Because we need rest we need to recharge. And when baby is there we can recharge and when baby is home we are able to have the strength and energy to continue the battle. Its like war zone to me. Recall, recharge and start again. Better then baby being with us day in and out. We will get burned out and if that happens, its not good for baby either.

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I have a friend who placed her baby during 2nd month as she needs to go back to work (2 months maternity leave for foreigner). If you have a longer maternity leave you can choose to stay longer with your baby at home until return to work. It is advisable that you take 1 to 2 weeks time to let your baby adapt to the new ifc.

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My cousin placed her child in at 3 months, about a month before she went back to work. She did this so that her child could slowly adapt to school.