Anxiety sending baby to infant care

I am sending my baby to infant care in 2 weeks time and am afraid they would use cry it out method to get baby used to it. Anyone knows how do infant care works?

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i used to work at infant care . what we do is that first few days we will encourage parents to send their baby for a few hours then increase the timing gradually this helps your baby to adapt with his/her new environment. we will usually ask you some questions like your child feed intake, sleeping methods at home and other keypoints for us to take note of this is to ensure your child feels comfortable when in school. as for the crying part , some child will have their comfort pillow , pacifier or anything that helps them to calm down. As for the centre im working for last time , we dont encourage them to cry it out for hours , mayb let them cry for awhile but we are always there to attend to your child until your child calm down and feel comfortable. it all depends on the centre and teachers there. But my advise is , your child will cry for a few days but slowly they will adapt and loves going to school . goodluck mummy ! 💪💪

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i think it depends on the centre but they also scared u will complain haha. i had the same fear before, but aft talking to the teachers we got assurance as well. definitely on the first few days, baby gonna cry alot due to diff environment. but aft that, they get adapted quite quickly and sooner than u know it, baby is okay alr! im surprised my baby can be pat to sleep on the cot 😅

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I think it depends..i worked at an infant care before..they used the cry ir out method and just let babies cry for hours. I left the center cause not happy with the way they "handle" the children.