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Do anyone put their lo to infant care that doesn't know how to drink from bottle yet? How do they cope? Can you share?

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Last time I put my daughter at infant care at 14 months, at that time she already refuse bottle for 2 months, I was bit worried but she already can eat solids so it's ok if she refuse bottle i think. First day I come, they allow me to latch her, but the 2nd day teacher said she already drinking from bottle. I think it's because she was too hungry waiting for milk time, but at home she still refuse bottle, until few month later when she was sick and vomit and doctor told me not to give her any water for 2-4 hours, she begged for water, but in the end I gave her a bottle of milk and she finished it 😄 that is the end of the bottle strike. Before that she refuse bottle from 2mo to 5mo, u have to train her to drink from bottle, it happened again with my 2nd child at 2mo-6mo 😅

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Hi! May i know what do you mean by drinking from bottle? Means exclusive breast feeding?

2y ago

Usually school cannot accept the infant if they cannot use bottle yet. Becaise ot will be difficult for the teachers