Any parents here put your child in infant care after 2 months of maternity leave?

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Yes, started IFC at 3 months. Apparently teachers in IFC shared that sending babies in earlier is better as they adapt to the environment faster and they do not fall sick as often as those who sent in later. Sending in early also helped with separation anxiety. My boy is already 17 months and he never had any issue whenever the teacher took over him at IFC till now.

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Yes - I started infant care after 2 months of maternity. If possible try to wait till month 4. I wish I had kept my daughter home for longer- she caught hfmd at 4 months and that was devestating

More advisable after baby 3rd mth vaccination. I intended to put in when baby turn 3 month but because of virus I plan to delay till she turns 4 months.

3 months. Last month maternity leave is buffer for the initial infant care adaptation. Like sending half day instead of full.

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Nope. I seek my mum’s help to look after baby till almost 6 months

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Yes no choice actually but baby immunity not so strong yet

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I only put my child after 4 months of maternity leave.


I did so after 4mo so baby is not too young.

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Yes i did. No family support so had to do that

1y ago

Same here .. reluctant but no choice

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Yes, started to send at month 3.