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Which diaper is good for newborn? 1. Rascal and friends 2. Offspring 3. Peekapoo 4. Comments down other brand diaper

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Pampers premium care tape diapers which I actually got as a starter kit from POSB. So far the best for my NB! He always poop loose stool and it's great that the diaper does not leak. So far I've used Mamypoko, Huggies & Drypers. Good for normal poop but not loose ones. Bought Merries but have yet to use.

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Currently using Drypers for my boy since he borns (for the past 1.5 month).. We often have issue with stool leaking out even though the diaper is properly put on.. Will definitely switch to other brands once current stock finish

My baby use huggies naturemade and does not experience any stool/urine leakage nor causing any nappy rash during the first two months. I had switch to Rascal & Friend from 2nd months onwards and found it quite good as well.

I use Moony! Recommended by friends. Only can get via online (can try shopee!) A sister brand of Mamypoko. So far my boy has no leak and rashes.

If you’re looking for premium diaper can go for besuper from babyexpress. It stays dry and no leakage.

Use huggies ..used it when my son was a newborn..its very good for baby's sensitive skin 👍

i used huggies platinum and pampers premium. both very soft and does not cause rashes

Rascal and friends will be good. I have been using it for my lo quite sometime.

Peekaboo is best for me thus far. Breathable and can last long. Keep my nb dry