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Hi,anyone have had the booster jab. I am currently 12 weeks. I am due for booster jab in May end. My gyn wants me to have the jab but I am jus not sure of side effects. Abit worrying. Any advice?

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I just took my booster at wk 32. like you I was worried about any adverse implication to my baby from the booster. many preg ladies had gone for the booster in second tri but I think it boils down to personal decision and the amt of risk you can stomach. for me, I refuse to risk the one in a million chance of anything happening to my baby, so I chose to wait till past wk 30 so majority of my baby's organs are more developed before I go for my booster. jiayou mummy, trust yourself that you know best for your child

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Yeah sure go for it.. I had my booster jab when I was 16 weeks pregnant. my side effects were jus tiredness and arm pain. it's better if you actually take booster. Cuz my Husband and I were like close contacts for covid cases yet dint catch covid. All thanks to that booster dose! stay safe and stay healthy! God bless!

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a lot of mummies have gone through the vaccination with no complications, it’s not a new practice. my side effects were only lethargy and sore arm. the side effects has lesser complications on you and baby compared to l covid complications on you and the baby.. you don’t want to risk your pregnancy right

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took mine at 14w as i turned 2nd trimester. no other side effects besides sore arms. im now 21w. if you didnt have major side affects after the primary doses, you should be fine. its important to get booster for you and baby protection.

am currently in week 16, down w covid without booster. and it was horrible. so would actually think it's better to take the booster jab because getting the virus itself can be harder.

i did my booster in tri 2 only felt sore arm and slight fever (37.5-37.8) which subsided in 1 day without taking panadol.

Took my booster (moderna) during week 27. Only sore arms and slight headache that was manageable without medication. :)

yeah the side effects are mild

Go for it