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The news is out to take booster jab by 14feb. Made compulsory in a way. 😟 Am 13weeks preggy and still felling worried about it.

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hello congratulations to you 💕 don’t worry! i have called up the clinic and confirmed that even 1st trimester can take booster shot, but check with your gynae first as well😁 personally even they said ok i decided to wait till 2nd trimester😝 cos as FTM i also abit worried 😜

7mo ago

u did your booster when u are 12weeks pregnant?everything OK???

pls take. coming from me, an unvaccinated mum. i didnt take as i was classified high risk so i was afraid, but I got infected in hospital. the day i discharged was the day i found out to be covid positive. I'm blessed my newborn was Negative.

It's within 9mths prior to ur 2nd dose. Maybe u can go in 2nd tri cos I am going during that time too when I'm much stronger I hope. Now phasing out of 1st as I enter wk14. All the best to us..! Bismillah.

8mo ago

Not yet. Maybe in mid Feb. My wk20. My 9mths expire mid march.

I’m also in my 13weeks and feeling jittery about it. But gynae did say I should go ahead to take it, maybe in my second trimester. Remember to take a memo just in case!

8mo ago

Hi! Sorry to see this late. Hope you are feeling alright! I’ve received my booster and all’s good. No memo required actually after I asked.

I took mine at 12.5 weeks and 24 weeks now :) gynae encouraged me to take it!

I took my booster shot during second trimester, no issues so far.

8mo ago

thats good to hear

my gynea said better to take in the 2nd trimester. take care!

9mo ago

Did gynae mention which week?