4th Booster Shot

Any mummies out here who have not gotten covid yet? Will you take the 4th covid booster jab?I’m currently at first trimester only. Not sure if I should go for the jab

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Hello you can check with your gynae first. In fact when you visit the vaccination centre, if you say you are pregnant they will ask whether your gynae has given consent. When I was pregnant I took the first two shots during my second trimester and my gynae gave full consent and advised me to take the jab without hesitation as the boards also recommended the same. Because the issues/problems one get if affected with covid towards the end of pregnancy or at the time of delivery is more alarming than the side effects of the vaccine.

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Confide with ur gynae first. Usually they would wanna find out your medical state first whilst moving forward in pregnancy. I've been down with Covid twice, once when I was in 1st trimester, second time when I'm in my 2nd trimester & yes I'm fully all 3 vaccinated, only pending the bivalent jab.

my gyne not recommended for 4th booster shot during my pregnancy. she mentioned I can take after give birth. Check with your gyne too, they can give u best advise.

Doc advise after 1st tri. I will take in 2nd tri , mainly cos would like baby to be born with some immunity to covid as they can’t have own vaccine till later .

I didn't had covid and didn't take the 4th booster. since it's not urgent, I suggest to jab after confinement

I will take the 4th booster after giving birth and confinement. As advice by doctor after consultation.

I have just asked my OB last week, she said after 14 weeks can take the jab already.

I checked w kkh too.. was advised to take after first trimester

My gynae also advised to take after first trimester.