Covid Booster Jab

Any preg mommies out there have done the booster jab ? Must we ask our gynae or we can simply book the booster jab ? Need advice pls

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i asked my OBGYN and he said booster jab can take anytime. so i took my booster jab over the recent weekend at 18plus weeks. they will ask you whether you have checked with your gynae and who your gynae is etc. one day after jab i have mild fever (around 37.4C) and injection site ache. now second day no fever and ive been sponging myself so far to keep my body temperature down (around 36.5C).

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Went for my booster jab at 26wks after consulting with my gynae which gave his approval. No major side effects besides a throbbing headache. Took the moderna booster. Gynae told me that its good to take as we may be able to pass the antibodies to our babies! Since they cant be vaccinated against covid-19 yet :(

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took mine at week 15. i’m at my 21st week now. gynae recommended to take it after week 13 to get myself n baby protected. i’m glad i took it cos psychologically it makes me feel more assured too.

I’m 10w pregnant and already asked my doctor if it’s ok to take a booster jab, she really recommended it. So I just booked a slot for this week 🤞🏼✨

i was actually advised by my gynae to get the booster to protect myself and the baby.. im in my 2nd trim.. :)

I’m at my third trimester. Was told by my gynae to take after giving birth, to be safe.

29weeks and just did my booster jab. Thankfully no major side effects. Just sore arms! 😊

I am 15W. Cleared for it at abt 11W. Going to do at the end of the month when I am 17W.

I went for my booster jab at 19 weeks, only had fever and that’s it 🥲

yes done. get gynae to clear you for peace of mind but not a must