Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner ideas for Toddler

Need Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner ideas for our 18 months old Toddler. She is growing tired of Cereal, Porridge & soup noodles. So seeking ideas around thanks.

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Pasta macaroni (dry or soup) Fried/white rice w Minced meat Fried rice ( add in vege/ corn / carrot / sliced fish/chicken etc up to individual ) Meatball w rice ( tomato gravy/sauce) Rice w Baked potato wedges Steamed egg + tofu w rice ( you can add slice chicken meat ) Fried beehoon / yellow noodle/ etc Breakfast - Waffles Pancakes Corn / soft boiled egg w toast bread Banana w toast bread Peanut butter w toast bread Fruits ( strawberries/ blueberries etc ) Smashed potatoes / sweet potatoes Fruits Smoothie / milkshake Homemade muffins ( vege or fruits : spinach / blueberries etc ) There’s quite a lot of dishes , can search on YouTube as well :)

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Pasta, Macaroni, Fruits minced in yogurt