3rd Trimester GDM

Anyone find it harder to monitor glucose level during 3rd trimester? My 2nd trimester result was fantastic without insulin, just strict food intake & daily pregnancy cardio exercises. But when I'm at 3rd trimester, even with the same food, there could be a spike at times. Which I have no idea why. My result before meal upon waking up range from 5-5.5mmol (my Ogtt was 8.9mmol initially!), then when I had food intake, even with home cooked plain soupy food with wholegrain noodles / vermicelli (no issue for 2nd tri), it shoots up like mad for the 2 hours, but during 3rd hour, it went down from probably an 8mmol to 6.3mmol kind ? This is getting so frustrating!!

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Hello. Oh dear i know how frustrating that could get! I would always feel so sucky and start to blame myself whenever my sugar level went up. Have you tried to walk at least 30 - 45 mins after your meals?i had the same prob too in my previous pregnancy esp during the last trimester. I realised i had to really cut down on carbs, half portion of what i took in 2nd trimester and walk more after each meals.

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3y ago

I've been doing pregnancy cardio workout for 20-30 mins daily and it no longer seems to work as better as before. So I added another 10 mins pregnancy kickboxing workout on top of the cardio workout. But the lower tummy pressure its giving me issues for all those workout recently. Sometimes I've even experienced cramps T.T

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Yes! I went thru the same too.. Readings were higher during the 3rd tri, alto I had the same food when I was in 2nd tri. Almost there babe... Hang on.

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Hey! Don’t give up! You’re almost there! Maybe try reducing your carbs intake?

Try to remove carbs then eat more protein and green leafy veggies.

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I feel you!