??? Waking up at 1am & 3.30am

I'm currently in my third trimester for almost every night I had been waking up at this timing due to heart burn even antacid cant help with my heart burn. I took dinner more than 3 hours before bedtime and I did not lie down immediately and I eat small portion of food. But my heart burn had been persisting for 2 nights I cant sleep already. Not sure is it due to work stress. Most of the heartburn accompanied by vomiting. Anyone facing same issue as me? I still must bear with it huhuhu ??

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Like for me.. I always drink yakult or milk before sleep.. Then i will sleep like a baby.. 🤭

2y ago

i will go buy yakult and try tonight.. I read online saying almond nuts help..

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Maybe a more up right position will help

2y ago

But I cant be sleeping on a sitting up right position