cramp @ right of my tummy

Anyone experience pain or cramp on the right side of the tummy in the early stage of pregnancy? The pain or cramp is on and off.. my first check up that hospital is 1 week more

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Are you bleeding / having spotting? If the cramp persist I would recommend you to go to the hospital as it’s pretty risky for trimester 1.

5y ago

No bleeding or spotting just cramp or pain on and off...

For me not really pain but have a bit of pulling feeling on the abdomen.

5y ago

Ah yes it's like that but today no more that thingy feel already

The cramp dissapear already... I don't feel any of it today

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Suggest you make an earlier appointment

Best to check with your gynae

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Best to see your gynae asap

Consult gynae just in case

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Best to see your gynae

See your gynae?

See gynae