Hard and cramp tummy

Hi mummies, I'm at 4w2d. My tummy feel firmer and these 2 days start to have cramp pain on and off. Anyone has similar symptoms at early stage? TIA

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I have had 2 miscarriages before this. I’m also about 4w2d currently on my 2nd kid but 4th pregnancy, & cramps are definitely a concern. Get it checked - gynae may be unable to do a scan as fetus is still small but they can do a hcg test in a period of time to see if there’s an increase! Hugs, mummy!

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4mo ago

I just got mc 3 months back. I'm seeing the gynae this Friday at 5.2 weeks. praying hard everything is going smooth as planned. Thank you! all the best to you too.

I had it too, but doc say its normal so long the cramps don't get too intense or bleed it's fine.

Have had experience being nothing and serious so best to check with your gynae

If you feel the cramp on and off, it is best to have it check with your gynae/doctor.

4mo ago

appointment booked. 🙏