Cramp or pain?

Hi mummies, i been having sensation on my left and right lower tummy but on a diffrent day on each side of my tummy,not sure if its a cramp or pain feeling, is that normal?im in my first trimester btw..been googling but all the answers scares me😖

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i had same issue, left lower tummy uncomfortable. i not sure is to say it as cramp or pain.but is a short while only.. i told gynae n he also checked my womb is alright. so he get me to do further check like urine test and found out protein in urine.. he mention afraid smth to do with kidney... so need to go for further check up ... 🙁

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Super Mum

Cramping is fine and normal in the first trimester :) not to worry :) Here’s an article that may help:

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it may just be your belly expanding if you experience pain in the side. it goes away quickly. if it is persistent pls see your gynae