Menses cramp during early pregnancy

Hi Mummies, does anyone of u experience menses cramp during the early stage of pregnancy ? This is my 3 pregnancy n my first time feeling it .. how to avoid such feeling ??

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Hihi, this is my first pregnancy so not super experienced. But i do get similar cramps. I was prescribed duphaston for the whole of my first trimester even before I started noticing these cramps. But when I did, I told my gynae and she said the purpose of duphaston is to reduce the severity of these cramps. However, still having light cramps is okay. It’s the uterus expanding that causes the cramp feel. If you feel worried, you can mention to your gynae at the next appt and ask if she would recommend duphaston.

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Same here. As long as there’s no spotting or bleeding, and only light cramp it might be the expanding of uterus. If worries, better to consult your gynae asap.

i had cramps (light ones) during my first trimester too. gynae wasn’t too concerned. everything turned out fine :)

I've felt period like cramps on and off and especially during my first trimester.

apparently first trimester cramp is quite common due to the implantation