11 days old LO can’t sleep easily

Anyone experience newborn who has difficulty sleeping? I can’t seem to let LO fall asleep without nursing first and rocking for another 30 mins. Putting LO down on the crib is like putting a time bomb either cry immediately or sound asleep.. Any help?? I always thought newborn are very sleepy baby and sleeps easily but mine are not ?

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Try pacifier first? But i think its necessary to go thru this process, routine. Baby gotta learn your routin, its torturing at first especially when baby cries n yell. I put my daughter down, and she cries, i hold her hand, sing to her, pat her and dont carry her untl she is comfortable laying herself. Then routine kicks inm

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Just keep on with your routine and it will develop into a habit. Don’t stress or emanate fear because babies are quick to pick up these things and get affected too

Mine mine mine! Swaddle no use, my LO doesn't like. Bought so many for him. Baby sleeping music also nono... It seem want to be carry and sleep.

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My baby is same , we always rock in our arms n then make him sleep .. every time it’s same , it’s kind of a job to make him sleep

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Check temperature of the room perhaps? As someone suggested pacifier may help but make sure baby has established proper latch 1st.

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Mine sleeps easily in the day but at night we have to carry and rock her to sleep otherwise she fusses.

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Practice the 4s techniques. Swaddle, shush, swing, suck.

During first mth I will sing and swing softly

Swaddle, make her feel safe like inside our womb

3y ago

yeah swaddled her but still can’t seems to sleep easily