Has anyone of you let your little one use the bumbo seat before? Is it very effective and comfortable for a baby? My little girl is 5 month and she has already turn over and lift up her head last month and now I thought of getting her the bumbo seat to train her to sit well. Will it work? Does anyone have experience using that on your little one?

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Bumbo seat should be avoided as it has the risk of topple when baby is sitting in it. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2188714/Four-million-Bumbo-Baby-Seats-recalled-dozen-reports-skull-fractures-infants.html If you decided to let baby sit in Bumbo please monitor closely and do not leave the baby alone. Expertise advises not to sit up the baby. We should let baby develop their motor skills at their own pace. You may read up more on this article to understand more and how to provide a right environment for baby to learn to sit. http://activebabiessmartkids.com.au/articles/please-sit/

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I do not think you should assist the baby's sitting also. Let the baby learn how to do that, she may take time but it is okay. All kids take their time. Also, gumbo seats are not safe to use. I have used it just once when I had been to someone's place and they had it for their baby. I made my baby sit in it, but I found it quite scary as baby can topple down any moment if one is not keeping an eye all the time on it. So, my experience wasn't good and I would not suggest anyone to buy it.

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I never liked bumbo but once my son could sit up quite well i got him ingenuity, still using it now that he is nearly 2, it is very nice and steady however you still have to watch them incase they kick or etc. however i the tray may be a bit sharp on the under, when my son struggled and kick it cut him once.. But he is too big for his tray so its kinda my fault too..so just have a lookout.

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When my baby boy turned 6 months, I really wanted to get a Bumbo seat for him. But I've read a lot of reviews that it is not safe and not recommended. I bought him a booster seat instead which he can also use when eating.