Favorite Netflix Shows?

Anyone else watches Netflix everyday? I'm still on my maternity leave so always watch Netflix when breastfeeding baby or when I'm free ?. Do you have some shows to suggest? Some of my favorite are The dragon Prince, Riverdale, Sabrina, Black mirror, Stranger things, breaking bad

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Brooklyn 99 and modern family

Rick and Morty, Brooklyn 99, HIMYM

money heist, the good girls, the stranger

Peaky Blinders Money Heist Jane the Virgin

I heard “the sound of your heart” is funny

Love is Blind, American History X, Peaky Blinders

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Nowadays. Yeah. Lol watch until I grow roots and tubers le.

Peaky Blinders is by far the best show I’ve watched. The acting, the script, the direction - a piece of art

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These are the shows that I watched during my maternity leave. Korean drama: Pinocchio, the girl who sees scent, doctors Reality TV shows: Yummy mummies, instant hotel, tidy up with marie kondo Thriller: You

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