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Hihi mummies! I'm currently 5 weeks pregnant. I love watching horror thriller shows and especially those reality horror tv shows 😅Just curious any of you watches horror shows during pregnancy or stopped watching when you found out you're pregnant?

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Horror shows/movie is life for me! But better be safe than sorry. You're still very early in pregnancy and very fragile. I only started watching horror again at late trimester but with eyes ½ close. Lol! Then too scared to go toilet alone at night haha! 9 mths pp and I'm enjoying the genre again, w/o eyes closed! 😁

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I think it depends on how stressed you get while watching - stress does get through to the foetus so I avoided those scary kinds. I think reality horrors might be ok for me.

Super Mum

Hee hee i watched horror shows too when i was pregnant but the i lessen the jump scare bit!


if you are not scared, it should be fine to continue watching