Dye/highlight hairs during preganacy

Hi, anyone do dye and highlight hair during pregnancy?

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Checked with my gynae and she told me to use organic henna. Natural hair dye. But u need to be aware that it turns ur white/grey hair orange and not black. The ones that turn ur hair black contains chemicals. So do be careful.


Me. As long as you're pass your 22 weeks should be fine. I consulted my gynae beforehand and she said to use organic dye if possible. You can consult your gynae if you're concern though.

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Nope i didn't and wouldn't. My hairdresser at the salon I usually go to also said she doesn't recommend dyeing hair for pregnant ladies and would not do it herself.

I actually coloured my hair the week before i found out abt my pregnancy (probably ard week 5?). Was so worried abt baby till the checkup at week 8 show everything fine

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It depends on your comfort level. Some people say it's ok as long as they dont dye your root. Bdst is avoid though

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I did it in batam at my 3rd month. It's ok to dye your hair during pregnancy. Choose organic dye.

I din do anything to my hair cept treatment, think better to avoid till after giving birth

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I bleach and dye on my first trimester, but never have ease of mind until baby comes out

Highlights are fine, but won’t really recommend dye as it touches the roots