Sahm.. do you dye your hair? Highlight hair? Just asking...

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I'm in my mid 30's but already have some gray hair. This guide helped me a lot - because I didn't use any hair dye until now.

Nope! But not because I’m at SAHM, but cos I don’t see a need to. Staying at home has nothing much to do with whether one dyes her hair not? Haha!

Yes why not. Sahm should pamper themselves by doing such things, to even getting her nails done or even lash extensions :D

I do :) makes me feel prettier and more confident. SAHM does not equate to haggard housewife 😂


SAHM still needs to be groomed and looking good. Nothing wrong with fixing your hair to make you look good

Nope i am messy all the time. No time to care myself.So different with when i was working 😔😔

I don't color but I rebond my hair so it's straighter and smooth. won't be a messy head person

Yes , SAHM all the more need self care n continue to look pretty :)

Hey, It totally depends on person to person, but if I want to, yes why not.