Hi anyone's babies caught stomach flu before? My gal seems to have caught it from her cousin. I have brought her to see a PD but he only prescribed probiotics and told me I can continue to give solids. Did the PD give other medicine for stomach flu and what did you feed baby during those few days? My gal only has a slight fever and runny nose which PD said is due to her left ear is bit infected. I keep hearing my gal pass gas and she seems to keep having some liquid bubbling sound in the throat and she tries to swallow it down.

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Hi, If babies have stomach flu then they usually get diarrhoea or slight fever, loss in appetite, stomach ache and vomiting. Little babies are prone to get infection because their immune system is still not very strong and haven't developed antibodies to fight off germs. And, yes, it does spread from an infected child to another. My daughter is 6 but she still is quite prone to it. If your baby is breastfeeding then let her be on your feed and if she is older and on solids then make her eat curd and nicely boiled mashed rice. Give her soups. All food you can give which are light on stomach.

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