Poop pattern of LO

Hi mommies! My LO is 4 months, from 10 days her poop patter suddenly changed. She used to poop once in a day and sometimes once in 2 days but now she pass motion so many times like 4-5-8 times and the poop is runny but not watery. I consulted GP, polly clinic doc and her PD as well, everyone saying different thing- first two said its just colic and prescribed probiotics and colic medicine while the PD gave some lactose intolerance drops and also asked to test her stool if there is infection. Can anyone guide me please m so much upset for my LO. There is no change after giving her lactose intolerant drops.. while poop she pass gas and some sound come. Poop looks like sticky She is only on breastfeed. Thanks in advance

Poop pattern of LO
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if she is breastfeeding , try to always wash your nipples with clean water before feeding and if formulae feeding, always wash her feeding sets with warm water immediately before and after use. wash your hands always.