Any baby sleep training book to recommend? I wish to prepare myselfnon how to handle baby's sleep routines and independent sleeping habit before baby is arriving.

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I don't believe in training babies, so I've never bothered with routines and schedules. I nurse her on demand (roughly every 2+ hours) and generally let her inform us via her cues if she is sleepy or hungry. It could be due to the fact that I am breastfeeding her exclusively. Day breastmilk and night breastmilk have different properties which help baby to settle into a routine easier. I put her in a co-sleeper cot on my bed for easy access. She usually sleeps around 10pm and if she is hungry, she will make soft noises and I'll latch her. When she naps in the day, I ensure that the curtains are drawn, the room is bright and the television is on so that she can differentiate between sleeping in the day and in the night where it is all dark and quiet. This is actually the first step to getting them to establish a day and night routine. Please do not use the Cry-It-Out method on newborns as leaving them unattended while they are crying for too long makes them feel insecure and scared. Try swaddling your newborn so he feels safe and he won't be jolted awake by his Moro reflex. If you would like something to read, try the No-Cry Sleep Solution.

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You can find a list here. It is recommended to start sleep training between 4 to 6 months of age. However, I won't be sleep training my child as she is already able to sleep through the night and has a rather fixed timing.

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Jamie thanks for sharing.. i have done most of the things that you have mentioned for my first 2 kids but none of them ready to sleep through in the first 2 years. I hope my no.3 will be an angel sleeper like yours too..

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If you breastfeed exclusively, it'll be easier for your baby to establish a sleep routine. :D

Yes, I was exclusively breastfed them and they will tend to wake up to latch for comfort.

How do you train your baby to sleep through the night and have a fixed schedule? Thanks