Hi all, whats your method to putting baby to sleep? (No Cry-it-Out method please.) I've been latching baby to sleep, which can take a long time, but when I settle him down on the bed, he wakes up almost immediately...

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Depend how old is your baby? I latch my #2 to sleep. Once he is deep sleep, I will insert a finger and remove my nipple. But he co-sleeps w us

6y ago

Baby is 3 months old, but even after latching and co-sleeping with him, he wakes up after 30 mins nap in the day each time... Suspect he is overtired but can't figure out how to get him to deep sleep.

I swaddle my baby and puts a husk pillow on him. If he cries, I'll add a pacifier. Works all the time.

My baby loves to hear my sing with light cradle like movements.