Lack of time with my baby

They always always carry my baby out of the room. I dont even have a single time with my own baby . Haha. I am the mother but than I only can spend time with my baby when she is sleeping and the decided to finally bring her back into the room . Then when baby wakes up in the middle of the night, they sleep so soundly and I have to be the one taking care . like i dont even noe anymore

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Super Mum

Who is carrying your baby out of the room? Since you’re the mother, you can be more firm about wanting to spend time with baby, dear. Allocate time for the rest of your family to play with baby. You decide that. But of course, you would also expect to have to be more independent in taking care of baby (feeds, bath, etc) because your family may feel that they’re helping you. Talk it out nicely and let them know how you feel:)

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