Would you allow your kids to be so close with their lesbian or gay friends? How would you handle it?

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Of course. I, myself, have been raised by a lesbian since my father went for work everyday. When my kids grow up, I want them to treat every person humanely, regardless of gender preferences, status, possession, educational attainment or social class.

Yes!!!!!! There's nothing wrong with kids interacting with any person from the LGBT community. We're all the same, and sometimes, we might even learn more from them. Besides, we cannot limit the people our kids will be interacting with.

Most likely, yes. But I would also orient my child that people have different preferences. This is not to imply any negative impact but awareness on the part of the child to avoid any culture shock.

100% YES! I don't see anything wrong about my kids socialising with people. Being gay/lesbian doesn't make you different, everyone is human, everyone is just the same.