Hi mummies. I gave birth in the first week of December 2019 and got my first period on the 3rd week of January. And then I had sex with my husband the day before my next period cycle without protection. Is there a chance I might be pregnant because I am 6 days late? but I also know that some women's menstrual cycle is irregular after birth. I have yet to get a PT kit because I am afraid of whatever the result will be.

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When we have our period back alr it also means we are starting to ovulate.. so the only way to know is to test okie..

Yes there might be a chance. I just gave birth in nov and I realized I’m pregnant again 😩😩😩

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oh no! I am so scared :(((( I really dont know what to do. my first baby was unexpected too but i wasnt this anxious! hais. idk what to do. my husband says to keep it if i am pregnant. but im not ready for another one


Depend. If you're bfing the chance is not that high for first 2 month.


50/50 chance. Test with the pregnancy kit to ease your mind.

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Possible. Get a test kit.

Congrats on pregnancy


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pls test okayyy

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Test it