After how many months can a baby start travelling with parents?

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Honestly, right after the first day. Though it varies across cultures. Here in India, we have customs that prohibit the baby from going out till 6 weeks after birth. Mostly, the idea is to limit the kid's exposure to germs. However, in the western countries, mothers usually take their babies along with them even in the first week -- either for a stroll (to refresh both the mother's and the baby's mood), or for running the errands (when they don't have help). So, it depends on your family's priorities. Nevertheless, traveling with a baby is the easiest when they're super young. You don't have to worry about much -- they usually sleep for long hours and if they're not and you're breastfeeding, food is always available :)

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after 1st mth confinement, we brought our son out to shop the next day. from there on, we go out very often. seems like it helps him to adapt to the surroundings and not afraid of people too. at 6mths old, we went to Malacca via coach. he enjoyed the bus ride througout. he took plane before 2yrs old and he enjoyed it too. so we ventured out to Japan for 2weeks last yr and this yr May 2weeks to Taiwan. he enjoyed himself on the bullet trains, long car rides, mountain routes, sea routes. even the local people and tour guide praised him that he is a easy-to-bring out kid. so i feel it it what you feel most comfortable for you, your baby and family going along. because if not, all wont enjoy the trip because of arguements throughout.

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This is very subjective. Many parents like bringing their kids oversea before one as to save on air-tickets. But given a choice, I will only bring them oversea when they are near one where their immune system are much better.

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I travelled to India with my baby when he was 15days old. Had to see my Dad because he was really very ill. Luckily everything went off well during the travel and baby slept well.

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Usually, after a mummy's confinement period, when mummy is strong enough to look after the baby, that will be good time.

We took our baby for his first holiday at the age of 1month. He was OK and everything went well.

As long as u think u can cope wz the baby.. cos sometime is quite different to handle..

I brought my LO along with us to KL at 4 months old.