After having kids do any of you actually have time for hobbies?

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I allot a few minutes for myself each day though it isn't always doable. But for those alone times that I get, I do things that I really love to do even before having kids like painting, sketching, crafting something new or taking care of my cactuses.. ☺️ I think it is very important for us moms to find time to continue our hobbies even just for a few hours a week. It's sort of a therapy to relieve our stress and other negativity clogging our busy minds.

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This question reminds me of my best friend. She prides on the fact that her hobby is shopping and fashion. Motherhood has not slowed her down one bit apparently. Instead of shopping for herself, her skills have now been extended to baby/children's clothes and products. Her kids are pretty fashionable for their age (2 and 5).

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I don't have much time for hobbies and I hardly watch tv nowadays as my girl is 3 years old atm and I am also working full time. however I think it's important to exercise and keep fit. since I love yoga, I have been joining my colleagues during lunch time for an hour of yoga. this is precious me time

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My hobbies have evolved after having my daughter. Earlier, I would find time to paint and read books among other things. Now, my daughter and I paint together, read books together, go outside for walks and so on. :) So, priorities have changed but the basic activities are still the same :)

I used to love painting. But haven't done that since long. But just recently, I have got colours and a canvas and very soon plan to paint my imagination.

Yes, I do. I enjoy reading my book after they go to bed. I love baking as well and I get them to join me too. My gal started baking with me when she was 29mths old :)

my hobbies left watching korean drama since i cant even attend my fav kpop idol concert..thats where i get to watch my drama.while my kids are asleep

No not really. Now I spend my free time checking out social media only :x cause I enjoy just lying on the bed n scroll thru the Hp

Yes, not much of choice. But we need self care. However with 2 small kids it is indeed very challenging. What about you?

my hobby only left is reading. coz i only have time to read while my twins are nursing or sleeping on top of me...