Do your kids have pets? What are the benefits of having pets for kids?

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Yes, we have pets at home. I am a pet lover so I cannot live without them. I find that it is a good exposure for them. It also teaches them that animal abuse is wrong. My elder son loves our pets and he is always interacting with them and notice what they are doing. He was really sad when we had to find a new home for our bunny due to unforeseen circumstances. My young one loves to go near to my pets in his walker and just sat there to look at what they are doing. It is kind of a personal preference i.e. do you like animals. If you are thinking of getting pets for kids, it will be good to keep in mind that we will be the ones who will be feeding, bathing, cleaning them etc. It is a commitment, if this commitment is too much for one to endure, it is not advisable to get one. A lot of parents get pets for kids and end up abandoning them. This is definitely not a good example to show to the kids.

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Yes, my child has a pet hamster. I think having a pet really teaches them responsibility and how to care for someone else, it build compassion. These are really good values to instill within kids. Since the kids are young, i have to guide them through the entire process of feeding the pets, bathing them and cleaning them. Some days i end up doing it by myself. That is something you have to keep in mind before buying or adopting a pet for your child.

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We have a dog and the kids absolutely love her. Similarly, our pet loves the kids too. It’s definitely a two way street. I noticed that because of the dog, the kids are a lot more empathetic, they care, they take responsibility of waking her and they play with her instead of spending most of their time watching tv or using the iPad. If you can get a pet or have one at home, it will greatly benefit your kids.

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Yes! I have a dog, 2 cats and a hamster at home. Growing up with a younger brother who is 10 years younger, he had learned how to be responsible because of my dog. I adopted my dog when I was 13, and a few years after that, I gave him simple tasks such as changing the water and pouring food into the bowl. He now takes care of his own hamster.

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Yes I have two cats. It teaches compassion, responsibilities too. And they have a friend to be their play mate. However my boy is 3 years old so I constantly need to assist and guide him. He feeds the cats every morning before school and in the evening after school.

My baby's first pet was a bird. It's their dad who really wanted them to have pets. It taught them somehow to develop concern for their pet. They always check if the bird has eaten yet.

No, we don't have. For me dagdag sa asikasuhin lang. Di kasi ako fond of pets. Sakto lang. Though I grew up having a dog sa bahay. For me mas gusto ko mga bata kesa pets na alagaan.

No we don't have any pets. There might be certain benefits of having pets at home, but my wife finds them very creepy so we don't have any at our house.

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Mas nagiging mlmbibg cla binibaby kc yung pusa at tuta