After giving birth my son I thought that I could see some changes in him but there is still no improvement, I don't know how to live with him anymore and I am running out of patience. He don't like to listen to me and even he ask me and I advise him but he still do his ways, after which he find out that what I had advise is right then he can still tell me that what I said is right but he did not listen or follow, it just go on and go and repeat many times the same scenario, I just ignore as since after giving birth I had been busying with lo and didn't care much. He never failed to surprise me with things I hate or don't like, today he used the "铁打酒“ I don't know I spell correctly, he just apply in a air con room when lo is sleeping, so I just tell him you should apply that in an air con room and some more this kind of smell not sure if is good for lo to smell, I have heard lo smelling those mothballs and become like differently, so I am afraid of it, then he is unhappy and just get out of the room and sleep in the living room. Is really hard for me to communicate with him and I don't wish to anymore , I guess I am going to end this as I don't want to feel unhappy and I am not going to live like this for the rest of my life.

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It seems like you just give birth? It's normal to expect husbands to help but in reality, it's best not to expect too much from them. I feel that fathers have a harder time to adapt compared to mothers. You have been busying with LO and if you need some help from him, as long as he tried his best but probably not the best in your opinion, let it go and thanked him for the help. Regards to the tie da jiu as long as he does not directly apply right next to the baby it will be okay. It seems like he is upset that he is hurt and he just need to apply something before he sleeps and was advised to do it somewhere esle instead. Could he been hurt or suffer aches due to work? Understand that you have interests for your LO but have to strike a balance to care for both of them too. Understand that mothers even need more care and concern but it's really a lot of give and take.

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