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Is it advisable to dilute milk powder? (Eg: 90 ml of water = 3 scoops of milk powder) can we put 100ml of water with 3 scoops of milk powder?

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not advisable to though i was not very exact with the water or powder volume

Yup, i did it. Esp if baby seems to be overheated, or not pooping well etc.

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Best not to, as it will also dilute the nutritients that LO receives


No! Cannot! It will cause diarrhoea. Written on the milk tin itself.

Best not to dilute unless you have specific reasons...

better follow the instruction and not dilute

It's interesting, but I've never done that.

Not recommended if baby is below 1 year old

Not advisable to dilute the milk powder

Super Mum

I do it on my daughter when she is 2yo. 😝

2y ago

That’s great Hahahah! Cause my in laws don’t know heard from which folks and told me I can’t dilute the powder like this as it will cause my LO to have digestive problem