Does mixing wrong ratio of milk powder cause diarrhea? Supposed to be 160ml of milk powder into 160ml of water. Instead, 160ml of milk powder is mixed into 60ml of water. Too concentrated... (Not me by the way!) I know it may cause constipation. But how abt diarrhea?

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i think it will lead to constipation . as 160ml milk powder to 60 ml water too thick . diarrhea got to monitor what cause it . for diarrhea just to share . maybe it might help u .

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diaheera probably not. just bad constiption. Diaheera could be something else if lo started on solids, it could be food issue. if not on solids yet, it could be bottle hygiene

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Think constipation a bit. But sometimes I just monitor caz babies are crawling and touching everything. U don't know when they got some germs into their mouth

Aiyo. I doubt it's veg Porridge either. Nvm la now just monitor and keep him hydrated.

Diarrhea not that I know of. Did your bub take anything else?

5y ago

No other stuffs besides milk n veg porridge. Doc say cannot be due to veg porridge.. I searched online. They say will make baby sick. So i think it will oso cause diarrhea cos too nuch lactose intake at one go..