Is this advisable for 6mo? As in is it high in sugar content and preservatives?

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I will refrain from giving a 6mth old pre packaged food as the sugar contents is high and like you mentioned there is preservatives and we are unsure of the sources of the ingredients. If you want something fast to prepare it will be better to stick to instant rice cereal. You can get organic ones from brands like Bellamy's , HiPP or Hollie. These brands can be found at the organic section of Fairprice. You just have to add breast milk or FM to the rice powder. But I will really suggest letting your baby try natural foods like avocados, sweet potatoes, bananas or carrots for a start. Just steam and purée them. It is never good to start baby off on something that is too sweet because their Taste buds may get so used to the sweetness they will reject bland food next time

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5y ago

agree! i alr started my lo on natural food purees like those you suggested but i saw people feeding these jar food outside too so wondering if its really advisable..are there also organic jar foods in the market? im gg travelling w my lo soon and wont be able to make puree. of cos i can just feed milk too. :)

I prefer to give and make my own purees, they are fresh and more nutritious. Then again, if im rushing ill stick with plain apple or carrots pre food. End of the day, dont feel bad whether you buy ready made once or whether you home cook. You will know whats best for your kiddo. Happy feeds!

Actually if u look at the ingredients it only states carrot... I doubt there is sugar added... N once opened u can only keep it for a max of 2 days for Gerber according to Nestle.

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I give my baby this as well. doesn't say added sugar.

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Its only carrot . There is no sugar added