Bird nest with ginseng and rock sugar

Hello mummies! I’m currently in my week 13. My PIL just bought a carton of New Moon Bird Nest with American Ginseng and Rock Sugar for me… but I’ve done some reading which says that ginseng is not recommended during pregnancy. Am wondering if it is safe for me to consume? Thinking the ginseng content may not be high in such drinks, but I’m still a little sceptical as it is my first pregnancy. Appreciate any kind advice, thank you!

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It actually depends on your body condition. If you wanna take, better to consult a tcm to ask if your current body condition is suitable to take American ginseng or not. Note that they'll are called Hua qi shen or yang shen, not ren shen (the Korean type of ginseng).

I would avoid :) Better to be safe than sorry. Maybe ask your hub to ask them if can exchange with the non ginseng version? Alternatively, I think all these have long expiry, perhaps you can take them after birth/breastfeeding? :)

I would definitely avoid ginseng at all cost… do also note that ginseng should also be avoided if you’re breastfeeding after baby is born Bird nest is fine

hi mummy ..better to avoid during Trimester 1..i only drank bird nest during my T2..

bird nest is fine..but should avoid Ginseng during the whole pregnancy journey